Boldare honoured with a NextGen Enterprise Award!

We are extremely happy and proud to inform you that Boldare has won a NextGen Enterprise Award in the New Enterprise category! The NextGen Enterprise Awards highlight a new type of company that is agile, non-hierarchical and value-driven. These awards are for companies changing their world through their innovative approaches to products and services.

This award is special for us at Boldare because we have used an organizational model based on new managerial practices, agile methods, and employee-centered values from the very beginning of the company. In 2017, we accelerated our transition to being a NextGen company by implementing holacracy. We see this award as an acknowledgment of all the work we have done so far.

Boldare co-founder Anna Zarudzka received the award from Olivia Grégoire, the French Secretary of State for Social Economy.

The NextGen Enterprise Awards are part of the NextGen Enterprise Summit 2020 that takes place from 25th to 27th of November, simultaneously in Paris and online. One of the event’s highlights will be a series of special workshops, one of which - Deconstructing Leadership, on 27th of November at 2.05 pm (CET) - will be led by Anna Zarudzka and Ewa Bocian, partner at dwarfs and Giants.

This was the very first edition of the NextGen Awards. The organizers received over 120 applications, leading to a shortlist of 50 and, ultimately, just 10 winners. Boldare is honored to be among companies like Novotel Paris, Danfoss and Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS).