Boldare’s action plan regarding the COVID-19 disease outbreak

We are all very concerned about the COVID-19 virus situation. So far, Poland is among the countries where the situation is not so severe. However, we feel that it is our social responsibility to act now and do our best to stop the virus from spreading, at least in our closest environment. So, how are we going to do it?

In order to prevent the COVID-19 disease from further spreading, we decided to take the following steps:

  • We postponed all of our business trips, but we are keeping all communication channels open and we will work as usual.
  • All trips between Boldare’s offices are canceled.
  • All of our employees are asked to work from home.
  • We have decided to shift all of our recruitment processes online, regardless of the stage.
  • We also feel responsible for all of the attendees of events we hold at our office, so we decided to postpone all upcoming meetings.

Such circumstances will last until 31 of March, when we will review the situation and make a decision regarding next steps.

How will it influence our business operations?

We are sure that the influence will be hardly perceptible. Boldare, as a holacratic company, is ready to work under various, even harsh circumstances. Every day, we practice dispersed decision making, support real autonomy of employees and we are always working under radical transparency. Thanks to an agile approach and our flexible structure, we are able to easily handle even the most uncertain and complex environment.

For us, Boldare is a melting pot of various, fascinating yet practical ideas. We practice an agile approach, work according to lean startup principles and organize the company using holacratic toolsets and values. This means that even in such turbulent circumstances, we are ready to provide to our current and potential customers the best customer experience. Our processes are built to support remote work and all of our employees are equipped with all the necessary tools. Today we may be working from home but we are fully operational and ready to deliver services just as good as on any other day.

We will keep you informed about our next steps through social media.