International recognition for Boldare’s Machine Learning services

At Boldare, we are passionate about the services we provide and we love it when somebody notices. So, we’re delighted to announce that Boldare features on’s list of “2019 Leading Developers Across a Variety of Technology Focus Areas“ in the “Machine Learning Companies“ subcategory.’s top developer list is a special place to be

For a start, this is not an easy list to get on. is a globally-renowned B2B research, ratings and reviews firm. Reviews and ratings are both data-driven and focused on individual markets, making the information and rankings highly reliable when you’re looking for a business partner or service provider. Clutch is dedicated to searching out the best in business and technology services:

“Only the most versatile and knowledgeable developers can keep up with the abundance of new technologies created every year. These developers stand out based on their ability to adapt to these new technologies and techniques and apply them to a variety of development projects for their clients. We are excited to feature them on our platform.”

--Misty Lopez, Clutch Business Analyst

Secondly, we’re very happy to be featured on the list for machine learning because Boldare’s latest focus is our machine learning consulting services, supporting our clients’ digital transformation through the use of process automation, smarter customer service and more accurate decision-making processes based on big data.

Growing machine learning as a service

Whether it’s a consult focused on how AI and ML could benefit your company, or the development of digital products using deep learning, neural networks or spatial analysis, Boldare is getting some very positive feedback for our machine learning consulting services.

Read about our use of machine learning for super-streamlined content management, and for efficient, cost-saving predictive maintenance in the wind energy sector.

We’re excited about the current and future possibilities of machine learning – in all lines of business – and its potential as a digital transformation tool. In fact, we’ve recently published an ebook collection of our machine learning articles to share our collective knowledge. We love that our expertise in this arena, and our lean and agile approach to machine learning-based products is getting international recognition.

To know more about ML as a service from Boldare, visit our machine learning section or read our many top-starred reviews on Clutch.