New, 5-star review on for Boldare

We are extremely proud to announce that we have received a new, 5-star review on This time for a collaboration with a US real estate company based in Florida.

Our partner contacted us in March of 2020 to take over and release a project. The work had previously been led by a consulting/development firm that had problems with providing quality within the offered budget.

The Boldare team brings an impressive amount of process and experience to the table.

Product owner, real estate platform, USA

The Boldare team consisted of a scrum master, two full-stack developers, a QA engineer on the project from start to finish and the support of two UI/UX designers for a couple of weeks. The result was an MVP done within just 7 weeks. We delivered 111% of scope, spending 99% of the available budget.

You can read the entire review on our profile.

Boldare’s work in the United States

Our partner is yet another company from the United States that has recently decided to trust Boldare with their project. You can browse clients’ reviews on or visit the case study section on our website to read about our collaborations in more detail.

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