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Use our tech expertise for the benefit of your product and business

We are Boldare, digital product creators & consultants. We create human-centered digital products for forward-thinking companies to help them redefine their industries.

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    What is Boldare’s Tech Radar?
    Tech Radar is a visual presentation of the technologies and methodologies used at Boldare to create digital products. It’s our technology portfolio based on Lean Startup development.
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    Matching technology to digital product maturity stage
    Each product maturity phase requires a different tech stack, frameworks and tools. The Radar shows which technologies are used for development in a particular product phase.
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    How can Boldare’s Tech Radar benefit your business?
    Tech Radar is the list of technologies that can be used for product development. It supports Boldare’s experts in making better-aligned tech decisions. Knowing the capabilities and limitations of various technologies, specialists are able to choose the right one for your product (depending on product type). This can determine the product's quality and scalability. It influences your product’s market future and helps you save valuable resources.