Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development

Building an MVP is one of the best ways to create a new digital product or service or validate your business idea. Minimum viable product app development is cost and time effective, works for any industry and can be used in organizations of various sizes, from thriving startups to mature enterprises. Whether you’re aiming to build a new service or add a new feature to an existing product, an MVP is the right tool for you.
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How can you benefit from an MVP?

Outrun your competitors

An MVP lets you to release a fully functional app quickly, with a time-to-market of between 4 and 8 weeks.

Get priceless feedback

An MVP allows you to easily collect feedback and ideas from real users, helping to improve the product and making future development easier.

Validate your idea

An MVP enables you to test your business hypothesis and save time and money potentially allocated to a product based on incomplete data.

Build the future on facts

An MVP helps you create a feasible plan for future improvements and an app that reflects users’ needs.

Transfer the knowledge

Working on an MVP with an external development team is a great chance for a hands-on experience of the lean startup approach and to dive into the agile and scrum frameworks.

What is your business goal for the MVP?

Starting a new business

Adding new features

Digital Transformation

Idea validation

Starting a new business

We will help you to create and develop a product that will reflect your business goals.

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What’s our experience with MVPs?

Throughout the 15 years of Boldare, we have successfully released over 80 MVPs for clients from all over the world, including France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK and USA. We use the most popular programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and Node.js. Every designated team is tailored to your needs and usually consists of developers, designers and a scrum master. Below, you will find the most recent examples of delivered MVPs:

Our MVP offer

We understand that companies like yours are struggling with many challenges, including a lack of skilled in-house development teams, limited budgets, pressure from stakeholders and a need to validate business ideas quickly. This is why when we create our offer we aim to meet your exact expectations, covering the areas you indicate. This is what can you expect from us:

Two different and flexible proposals for the solution and pricing

A working piece of code each sprint

Proactive and accessible customer care

Product discovery workshops

Transparent and responsive communication

Agile teams

Continuous knowledge transfer

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