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at Boldare

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Here, you’re not “just” a developer or a designer!

You change the way people use technology. So, let's step into the world where digital products not only work but also matter, where you pave the way to your own achievements and where excellent team vibes can’t be faked.

Feels like home? We bet it does. Take a step forward and join us!

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Haven’t found what you’re looking for?

No worries, drop us a line and tell us about your dream job:

Why Boldare is a
match for you?

You are about to join the place where +130 creative minds get along well, live and breathe with design and tech, mountain bike, do yoga and travel the world together, but first - work with passion to build stunning digital products!

Here you can work with future industries!

The digitizing world is what triggers us to bring technology into thriving industries. We create apps for sharing economy businesses, renewable energy, fintech, automotive, you name it. And there’s even more to come as we grow!

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The way we are, the way we work

What else makes
us different?


We're out of old, non-supported tech stack. You'll be building software based on:

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Processes help us work smarter

Lean Startup and Scrum go hand in hand here to help us achieve better results

Well, it’s you who makes all the difference at Boldare.

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