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Boldare is a design and digital product development company. We create beautiful and functional web platforms, apps and custom software solutions. Boldare emerged from a successful merger of Chilid, a web design company and XSolve, a software development company, and inherited their 15 years of experience working in global markets.

Boldare is home to brave and team-oriented people who offer much more than just technical skills. We work using the holacracy management framework. It allows us to liberate purpose-driven/goal-oriented spirit, share the decision-making powers across all of our 140 employees, and provide a unique mix of proactivity and responsibility.

We are based in Poland - the home of the top engineers in the world - and operate in three different locations, including Warsaw.

Benefits of working with us

  • Safety

    we back you up

    What’s in it for you, you ask? Everything! One of the first things you have to know about Boldare, is that you can feel safe with us. We’re partners working together towards the same goal. You don’t have to know everything about software development or UX design. That’s our role and you can trust us to deliver. Why?

  • Transparency

    we have nothing to hide


    we offer quality and knowledge

    We have nothing to hide and are radically transparent. It means that you’ll always have full access to all of the team members and their skills. Our people are not hidden behind a Product Manager and are always ready to answer your questions. But what happens if you decide to change the goal in the middle of the work?

  • Flexibility

    we are ready for a change

    Dedicated teams

    that understand your business needs

    Don’t worry about that - at Boldare, we have readiness for change in our DNA. There’s no such thing as a fixed scope for us, and we know that in business, everything is constantly changing. You can bring ideas to the table at every stage of the development process and you will meet with nothing but support. Thanks to this approach you can rapidly respond to customer needs and market changes.

  • Smart processes

    we know how to achieve your goals

    Our team members are business-oriented and will understand your goals and bring previous experience working with similar digital products. This is also great news for your internal team. We not only deliver great apps that fit your business goals, but we also love to share the knowledge we’ve gathered during 15 years of working in this industry.

  • Knowledge transfer

    we share, you gain


    our products offer equally great design and technology

    Thanks to such experience, we are able to deliver digital products of outstanding quality, even in a constantly changing environment. Our services go far beyond building apps: we also have your back during the development process, and we share our knowledge with you. We’re working together on a mutual objective - to meet your goals.

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Our offices reflect our way of working: they're agile, collaborative spaces supporting flat structure and change.

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"I’ve never known a vendor as helpful as they are."

Business Development, Takamol Holding

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Boldare emerged from combining 2 excellent companies, Chilid and XSolve


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We have experience working with partners around the globe, with a focus on the Middle East region, United States and Europe.

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