Machine Learning

Whether you’re conceptualising a new AI feature for your existing web or mobile app or looking to optimize your operations we can assist with machine learning consulting, model development, and integration services.
Focused Eye

Our expertise

Your company can optimize and automate processes, personalize customer-facing operations and make better, data-driven decisions across all business areas thanks to our AI, machine learning and advanced analytics services.

Sales & Customer Service

  • Customer experience
  • Personalisation
  • Churn and retention
  • Sentiment analysis

Marketing & Products

  • Data-driven growth
  • Pricing and promotional models
  • Automated product quality assurance

Operations & HR

  • Process automation
  • Production management
  • Performance management

Strategy & Risk

  • Financial forecasting and investment allocation
  • Fraud detection
  • Credit risk assessment

Machine Learning Services

From consulting to solution delivery our cross-functional machine learning teams drive value for your business every step of the way, putting your data to work:


Boldare’s dedicated experts will work with you to define what troubles your company. We will dive deep into your data and business surroundings to get a thorough understanding of your entire ecosystem. We will define whether AI has an application for your company or digital product and if so, clearly identify the potential benefits

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Software development

Whether you want to move forward with recommendations from our Consulting Services or have an idea for AI-based product or feature, this is the place. Our experienced delivery team will build a bespoke machine learning solution for your business. We will prepare the necessary infrastructure and data, build and deploy models, and integrate them with your software.

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Our approach

Our approach has been shaped across 14 years of software development practice, putting customers at the center of everything we do.

Customer comes first

We tailor each solution to your specific business needs. Our experienced consultants will help you distill your goals and objectives and help you choose the right path to get there.



Lean startup Approach

Our process

We will be with you throughout the Full Cycle Product Development process:



    Presented within a few days, a prototype gives you an idea of the possible capabilities of the product. This way we can test first assumptions and plan for further development.

    Minimum Viable Product

    Minimum Viable Product

    This is the first version of your machine learning solution. It has limited features and accuracy, but is usable for testing.