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Boldare’s digital product development teams will help you conceptualize your idea, design and build the first version of your product, find a product-market fit, and develop a scalable web product. Furthermore, the teams will guide you all the way, advising on next steps and passing on their know-how so you can grow sustainably in the future.

Our agile development team will take you through the full cycle of product development using a lean startup approach. Thanks to the lean methodology our teams can develop a product within as little as 4 weeks so you can enter the market quickly and start testing with real users.


I need a development team to deliver a user-centered digital product to market quickly and help my company grow while optimizing the costs.

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Our agile teams of experts have all the competences to understand your business proposition, lay out the best strategy and deliver a product that users want without breaking the bank.

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Dedicated Product Development Teams

Boldare’s dedicated agile dev teams will help you strategize, ideate with prototypes, design and develop software for your MVP, find a product-market fit and scale your web product using a lean approach to product development.

Our teams have all the skills required to build the product and help you reach your business goals:
  • front-end developers
  • back-end developers
  • full stack devs
  • Quality Engineers (QA)
  • Business Analysts
  • DevOps
  • SEO
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • Product Vision
  • Digital Strategists
  • customer experience specialists
  • Visual Designers
  • Interaction Designers
  • UX Designers
  • Product Designers
  • Qualitative/ Quantitative
    Design Researchers
  • Information Architects


    • Problem identification

      We identify your problem and select the development team with the necessary skills to help you achieve your business goals.

      The team gets to know the product vision during workshops and proposes a bespoke solution that will evolve thanks to a lean startup approach.
    • Ideation

      The team starts prototyping, helping you test your assumptions, refine your ideas and turn them into a tangible object, all within the Scrum framework.

      The team already begins testing the product-market fit, getting your prototype to real users and collecting feedback for a minimum viable product (MVP).
    • Product development

      The Scrum team develops an MVP according to the build-measure-learn principle and looks for a product-market fit to fulfil your business goals.

      You receive a working increment of the product with every sprint (1-2 weeks) so you can easily track progress, release often and change direction when necessary.

      You have the full control over scope and budget at all time thanks to an agile approach to software development.

      The team, with agile coach on board, helps you to develop processes in-house so you can sustainably grow the product on your own in the future.
    • Sustainable growth

      You have a scalable product that fits the market well and a business model that is sustainable.

      Your company and in-house team has the processes and competences to grow your business further.

    Clients about
    our teams

    Norbert Bauman, sonnen

    We enjoy the input from each individual team member about the technology, content, and design. This feedback gives us the chance to get in touch with new ideas that you can’t see if you have been involved in the same company for years.

    How we build
    our teams

    We form our teams around three principles: people who have worked together in the past, people who have all the skills required to complete the job, and people with a mixture of seniority.

    Exploring why:

    People who have worked together in the past:

    We know how time and money are important to you and that is why we put great care into quickly reaching the high performance stage of team development. When forming a team for your product, we will look for at least two members who have worked together in the past so they can help the team skip the forming and storming stages and deliver value for your business quicker.

    Skilled, self-organizing people:

    Across the years we’ve learnt that skilled, self-organizing teams are the most efficient product development teams. Our teams are not groups of individuals who want to complete their tasks but units with complementary soft and hard skills that can deliver what is needed to reach your business goals.

    People with a mixture of seniority:

    Having delivered over 250 digital products over 14 years, we know that a stellar product needs a team that can innovate, think fresh and at the same time provide stable development and quality. Forming a team with a balance between experienced team members and juniors allows us to release cutting-edge, scalable products that fulfil users’ needs.

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