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To build successful software and web applications you need a development team who understands your business needs. Our experts will choose a custom solution to fit your idea, timeline and budget, then design and build the application and help you test it with users so you can truly grow.

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Over 250 digital products across 15 years.


They stood out as a company who really wanted to understand our problem and fulfill our needs in a partnership.

Norbert Baumann, VP of R&D, sonnen

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We are able to deliver your digital product in as little as 4-6 weeks employing the lean startup approach and agile software development. We are also experts at scaling existing apps, helping clients to shift from inefficient solutions to stable products that really grow alongside their user base.

Our software engineers collaborate with designers in cross-functional, agile teams, dedicated to fulfilling your business goals. The development team will advise you along the way - from choosing a solution, responding to changing circumstances, to passing on their know-how so you can grow independently.

  • web and mobile design;
  • web and mobile development;
  • custom software development;
  • security and quality assurance;
  • infrastructure architecture;
  • tech stack consulting;
  • hire the entire product team;
  • extend your in-house team;
  • complement your team’s skills;

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