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What is the Sprint Retrospective Tool by Boldare?

The Sprint Retrospective Tool is a FREE online app for conducting scrum retrospectives.

The Sprint Retrospective Tool was created by Boldare as an internal alternative to the paid options available on the market. And it works great for us. So, why not share it with the world?

We’ve designed the Sprint Retrospective Tool to be light, fast and get the job done. Thanks to this tool, your development team can learn and improve by reflecting on what worked well and what needs to be done, and make actionable items for the future.

But the most important advantage of the Sprint Retrospective Tool is that members of the teams are engaging and sharing their opinions and feedback. Thanks to that, the retrospective can strengthen the team’s morale and efficiency.

Our team during retrospective meeting

Key features of the Sprint Retrospective Tool

With this tool you can:

Vote on specific cards

Set the number of votes and hide them before the end of voting

Sort the votes during the retro meeting

Share the retro board with other team members

Merge cards and move them between columns

Collaborate with your team remotely

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Good retrospective practices by Boldare’s Scrum Masters

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How can a retrospective help your team?

Maciej Sienkiewicz
Maciej Sienkiewicz | Scrum master at Boldare

A retrospective gives the team a dedicated area for change. During the retrospective, the team revisits decisions made previously and agrees on trying new things, therefore continuously improving their ways of working.