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Whether you are planning to build a new digital product, looking to redesign your app or pitching your concept to investors, we can help you minimize the risk of market failure with digital prototyping services.
Prototyping Digital Products

5 reasons why
to prototype

A digital prototype is a mockup of a product that gives you, your stakeholders and users an initial idea of how the software will look or work. A digital prototype usually takes between 1 and 2 weeks to build and answers a number of business needs including testing and data gathering, ideating and visualizing. Most importantly it’s a first step towards releasing to market a product or feature that fulfils users’ needs and your business goals.
    • Building New Products

      When conceptualizing a new digital product you want to make sure that it will resolve users’ true pain points. Releasing to market a full web or mobile app is a long process and requires considerable resources. Digital prototypes are cheap and quick to design and develop, allowing you test your software idea with users and gather the initial data in no time.
    • Designing or Redesigning Apps

      Digital prototyping can be great help in testing whether the product design will convey the right message about your product and fulfil your business needs. One way to do it is to prepare two versions of a design moodboard and test them with users to gather data about design connotations.
    • Pitching to Investors

      When approaching investors or pitching internally to the board it is critical to present your concept clearly and have data to back it up. With the ability to show visually the basic software functionalities thanks to the digital prototype, as well as gathering initial data through user feedback, you will be able to make a stronger case for funding.
    • Scaling Products

      When proposing a change for a growing or mature app you may want to build a digital prototype first before going into the product development process. This will help you to see and test how the change will affect the rest of the software and make informed decisions about the scope of the product design and development work ahead.DO
    • Developing a New Features

      Changes to an existing digital product are always necessary. But a new feature of an existing web or mobile app must fulfil your business requirements and provide a return on investment. The digital prototyping process allows you to test quickly and approve or reject the concept before investing considerable budget into software design and development.


    From ideation to digital prototype delivery our prototyping teams deliver value for your business. Our services cover every aspect of digital prototyping: ideation, product design and development and consulting.

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    Boldare’s prototyping team will guide you through the entire digital prototyping process. As part of our services, we will carry out an in-depth analysis of the potential user’s pain points and help you choose the one for digital prototyping. Together with you, we will define the potential solutions and pick the most viable one to design and build an app prototype. Finally, you will get a testable digital prototype perfectly suited to your business needs. Our services are always tailored to you specific requirements and every prototype is custom made for the client by a dedicated agile development team.
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    Our work

    Ideating a booking platform

    Cryo is one of the world’s leading cryotherapy equipment producers. They came up with an idea to build a web app that would help users to search nearby cryotherapy facilities and book appointments. The Boldare team prototyped the key features: a searchable catalog of services, a review and rating system, and a booking process. As a result of testing and the data gathered, Cryo decided to take a different path to that initially intended, saving considerable budget and time.

    Discover prototype

    Ideating a booking platform

    Scaling a carpooling app

    BlaBlaCar, a carpooling platform operating in 27 countries worldwide was looking to scale their web and mobile app with new and improved features. Implementing a prototyping process, the Boldare team built 10 new digital products for BlaBlaCar, scaling their mature app without any disturbances for the users. The features enhanced the customer experience helping the company grow into a market leader and increasing their membership from 24 to 35 million users.

    Discover prototype

    Scaling a carpooling app

    Moodboards for design testing

    When the Boldare co-founders started the work on they knew the value of digital prototyping and early testing with users. The first opportunity was to present website moodboards (design inspirations) for testing with the target group, using a survey and a focus group to measure associations with the suggested brand identity and values. Apart from identifying the winning mood board, the test also pointed up a number of potential design improvements for the future.

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    Moodboards for design testing


      • Developing digital products is always burdened with risk, however digital prototyping can help you minimize it. A prototype is a tool that allows you to gather data from the market, make informed decisions and plan ahead.
      • Digital prototypes are quick and involve minimum work. As opposed to a fully-functioning digital product they are usually just mockups of how the product will look or work and don’t involve complex software design or development.
      • Unlike full versions of an app, developing a digital prototype will usually take between just 1 and 2 weeks. This means you can start testing your concept or pitch with investors quickly and gain a competitive advantage over market contenders.
      • Instead of following safe solutions, try something new and groundbreaking without engaging too many resources in the development process. See your concept come to life and decide if the world is ready for the next big thing.
      • Making assumptions about user experience or interface design can lead to complete product failure. Prototyping digital products mitigates that risk by simulating the UX and UI and giving your users a taste of what they will experience when the product is released to market.
      • If you are looking to build your app with an external partner what better way to test that partnership than with a prototype? You will be able to dive deep into their style of work, design process and software development standards before you decide to entrust your product to them.
      • When developers and designers build a prototype together they can unearth a lot of potential risks and setbacks related to future work. Additionally, they will fully understand what lies ahead of them and help them plan the first release more accurately.

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