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Product Design
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Boldare’s dedicated development teams build custom web and mobile apps with a focus on speed to market. We are able to deliver your digital product MVP in as little as 4-6 weeks employing the lean startup approach and agile software development.

Our highly-skilled software engineers work in cross-functional teams with designers, QAs and business analysts creating human-centered web products that fulfill user needs and your business goals. Our software development processes and UX and UI standards guarantee the highest product quality in respect of both code quality and design. Moreover, our development teams will consult you along the way and pass on their know-how so you can develop your own in-house processes and team and continue to grow your product independently.


I want to design and develop an innovative digital product and release it to market

Companies around the world struggle with a shortage of skilled software developers and designers, budget constraints and a lack of the know-how to develop human-centered applications that will fit the market and fulfill business needs.

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Boldare offers a wide range of services to help you create user-centred digital products


Web Design

  • Human-centered design focused on achieving user goals and business goals.

Web Development

  • We have over 14 years of experience and over 100 highly skilled web developers on board who have delivered over 250 products for our international clients.

Mobile Development

  • We build both native mobile apps and hybrid mobile apps, always choosing a custom solution suited to your business goals.

Custom Software Development

  • We follow best practice development processes and offer top-notch software quality.

Security and Quality Assurance

  • Our experienced QA engineers will guarantee the highest quality of code regarding security and stability.

Infrastructure Architecture

  • Our experienced DevOps will advise you on how to create and help you set up a stable and secure infrastructure that will support your digital products.

Tech Stack Consulting

  • Our highly skilled and experienced development specialists will propose a custom solution suited to your business needs.

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Examples of products we’ve built

We have developed over 250 products across industries such as automotive, energy, finance, tavel, pharmaceutical, media, healthcare, education, B2B services, beauty, fashion, e-commerce, and many more. Here are some examples of our products:

How we build your

    • Self-organizing, dedicated development teams

      Our development teams consist of highly skilled team-players who have collaborated with each other in the past so they can reach high performance levels quickly.

      Moreover, they have all the skills necessary to complete the work on your product: frontend, backend, graphic and product design, UX/UI, business analysis, QA, user research, strategy and more. Our teams are dedicated to your product which means that for the duration of development they will live and breathe your vision, working solely to fulfill your business goals.
    • Speed to market and product-market fit

      We use the lean startup approach to help you quickly delivery your web, mobile or software product to market, often in as little as 4-6 weeks. After you release the minimum viable product (MVP) we can help you to look for a product-market fit and make sure that you digital product is exactly what users want.

      The lean startup approach, with its core build-measure-learn principle, helps you to save time and money and build a scalable business model.
    • Iterative, incremental delivery with agile and lean startup

      We develop web products and software using an agile approach. We use the popular agile framework called Scrum, which allows us to plan work in 1 or 2 week sprints. After each sprint, you receive a working increment of your software. Scrum allows you to change the scope of work with every sprint which means you can adjust the work to your budget, scale or downsize the team or change the direction of your product development.
    • Quality software and human-centered digital product design

      We treat quality very seriously and stick to the highest coding standards, as well as carrying out quality practices such code reviews, manual and automated tests and security checks. We put equal attention on the quality of our designs, following the latest trends in UX and UI and fully testing the concepts. But what makes our software and digital products truly special is that they are focused on users. The collaboration in cross-functional teams between developers and designers as well as QAs, and business analysts allows us to create products that are human-centered and fulfill your business goals.
    • Constant communication between team and client

      We believe that communication is the pillar or successful collaboration and thus you have around the clock access and contact with your team, without any proxies such as project managers. We use a variety of communication tools such as Slack, Basecamp, and Google Meet so you and your development team are just a few clicks away from each other. We also encourage face-to-face contact and we’re delighted when our clients visit us at the office or if we take a trip to their business HQ.

    Technology stack

    Boldare’s dedicated teams work with both frontend and backend technologies and meet the highest standards of the software development process. Our developers will recommend the best technologies and programming languages to suit your business needs.

    Frontend technologies

    Our teams include both frontend developers and graphic designers. The resulting synergy means high quality development of responsive web apps that can be used on any device. Our products have received numerous frontend and design awards - an acknowledgement of our unique approach to team working.

    • #Angular

    • #ReactJS

    • #Javascript

    Backend technologies

    Our backend teams work on the behind-the-scenes elements of your app or API, the foundations that support the frontend interface or website. What’s more, our teams can ensure seamless integration of the product with any third party systems; e.g. payment gateways or two-factor authentication.

    • #PHP

    • #JAVA

    • #JavaScript

    • #Symfony

    • #NodeJS

    • #Django

    • #Python

    • #Angular

    • #React

    Mobile technologies

    Our highly skilled mobile developers can deliver both native mobile apps and hybrid mobile apps across all platforms. We will propose the programming language suited to your business strategy and target audience needs.

    • #iOS (Objective-C)

    • #Android (JAVA)

    • #Windows/UWP

    • #Xamarin

    • #React Native

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