Transforming Travel: webinar on Systemic Digital Transformation

The travel industry is facing numerous challenges and keeping pace with digitalization is definitely one of them. While leading companies are implementing technologies like AI, harnessing big data or machine learning, only a handful is happy with the results. The problem lies in a lack of organizational readiness for digitalization, and Systemic Digital Transformation might be the solution you are looking for.


Lack of digital maturity in the travel sector

The need for digitalization is obvious. However, many organizations in the travel industry rely on digital products and services alone, rather than on the systemic digitalization that would be beneficial for the whole organisation. The most common issue here is lack of maturity and organizational readiness for a real, digital transformation aligned with cultural change. Other common problems are inflexible and slow processes, a lack of skilled teams and a lack of collaboration between IT and business departments.


Digital Transformation through practice

Digitalization is not only about releasing new digital products or services. Here, at Boldare, we understand that transformation should be done bottom-up, across organizational structures. Systemic Digital Transformation is focused on delivering great digital products and teaching your organization how to create new ones effectively, with a lean startup and agile approach and scrum toolset. At the end of the day, you gain top-notch digital products and digital-ready mindset.

Solution 2


Systemic Digital Transformation encodes digitalization into the company's DNA:

  • It decreases the time-to-market ratio.
  • It creates agile-powered processes that increase overall efficiency and openness to change.
  • It enhances digital culture and keeps the knowledge inside the organization evenly spread across departments: from IT to business.
  • It lets you processes the digital shift without losing your focus on growth.

Companies that trusted us in Systemic Digital Transformation


Transforming Travel with Systemic Digital Transformation. Webinar

Sign up for our experience-fuelled webinar, and see how your organization can thrive in a VUCA world thanks to Systemic Digital Transformation. Anna Zarudzka, the Co-CEO at Boldare will share with you case studies of our clients and reveal our practical approach to digital transformation based on product development and systems theory. Learn:

  1. What is "digital readiness" and why companies also need "cultural readiness" to become successful in their digital transformation.
  2. Why alignment between tech departments and the rest of your business is critical and how to achieve it.
  3. What is systems theory and how it can be applied in practice to your organization.
  4. How to carry out the transformation while supporting your growth and accelerating time-to-market.
  5. Examples of successful transformations through digital product development combined with a systemic approach to change.
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Anna Zarudzka

Co-CEO of Boldare