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5 reasons why you should choose Boldare

Ever stopped to think about good design? And how rare it sometimes seems to be?

A well-designed digital product does more than just function, it does so reliably and with a UX that gives the user exactly what they need and want (and often, more). In a world flooded with cheap products that do the bare minimum, a truly well-designed product stands out.

When you’re building digital products, good design matters. Investing in UX design during the initial development reduces overall costs, increases sales conversions, can boost customer loyalty, reduce the time to market, and increase ROI. This is why, at Boldare, we are intensely committed to great design.

5 reasons why design matters at Boldare

A well-designed UX are not just a ‘nice to have’, they bring essential benefits to your business. At Boldare, we take pride in our design process and the products that result. Read on to discover why our approach to digital design is your best route to a stand-out product.

5 great Boldare designs

The following are just five examples of Boldare’s commercial design work for clients around the world. From culture-expanding radio to chartering luxury yachts to a virtual place setting app for choosing tableware, no matter the function, we firmly believe design is crucial to a successful app. Here are five examples of excellent Boldare design we’ve produced for our clients, and the technologies we used.

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Virgin Radio Oman

ECMAScript 6, HTML5, CSS3, PHP Laravel


Virgin Radio Oman

Virgin Radio Oman was a brand new radio station, aiming to reach out to the country’s Millennial music lovers. To do so, the client needed to embrace the latest technologies and decided on web and mobile apps in support of the new station. However, project pressures meant they only had four weeks to do so – a very short design window… The client’s criteria when choosing a design partner were: A track record of clean, fresh, responsive designs and web products that target specific demographics. Technical know-how and experience. A fresh, disruptive approach to user-centred digital design. Using the scrum framework and the lean approach to product development, the client and the Boldare design team started with a product vision workshop to explore the product requirements in depth. Deciding on a goal of, “Introducing young, hip music lovers to a completely new disruptive and innovative place they can call their own,” the team set out to create a completely new teenage music experience for Oman. The rapid creation of prototypes to test specific features led to production of an MVP focused on key functionalities and in line with the strong Virgin brand visual identity

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Eres Yachting

java, php, symphony


Eres Yachting

ERES is a Zurich-based yacht charter agency with a global reach. They came to Boldare looking for a booking website and with their high-end, luxury client base, the design and UX was always going to be crucial and our goal was to produce a top quality responsive design that incorporated the client’s brand identity while meeting the highest UX standards. To keep the design process tightly focused, we established a ‘product persona’ – the target user. That user was a reasonably well-off man of 40+, with family and a love for nature, traveling and sailing. To attract and engage this specific user, we used high quality marine photos, a very specific color palette, and key marine vocabulary and language to evoke the sailing experience. All the while, maintaining a ‘premium’ look and feel as our core design goal. For the website, we focused on three key design features to meet the brief: Homepage search bar – to allow users to simply and easily find charter options according to just two criteria: location and booking date. Advanced filtering options – initial search results can be filtered for a more precise result according to up to 10 different booking criteria. Timely suggestions – before booking, each search result or option shows all relevant details and pricing, including alternatives from the weeks immediately before and after the chosen dates.

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Teal Workspace

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery


Teal Workspace

Once we were installed in our current office – a custom-designed Teal Workspace! – we wanted to share what we’d created with the wider world. Our accommodation is perfectly suited to augmented teams remotely collaborating with clients to build cutting edge digital products. But the journey wasn’t always easy and we learned a lot along the way. We wanted to share that learning, but how best to do it? The answer was a landing page that would lay out how we created an office for a contemporary web design and development agency, and also showcase our web design skills, with the aim of boosting the traffic to our main company website by 15%. However, as the project got underway, we encountered a UX problem: the complex animations we were putting together caused loading speed problems for both desktop and mobile users; both GIFs and short movies were too ‘heavy’ for the site. Our solution was to write the animations in pure CSS, coding them into the website itself. Every element of each animation was a separate graphics file and each file was animated to achieve the desired outcome: award-winning animations that ‘load’ instantly on a super-light website.

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java, php, symphony



In this access to information (A2I) project, we were expanding an app that we’d designed previously. The original was a business/demographic information platform for Saudi Arabia. The expansion involved adding a new mode to provide small to medium-sized businesses with access to the app’s information, the goal being to assist their development using market information. For planning purposes, businesses need information about business sectors, the proximity of competition, and the demographic characteristics of the local population. The app would provide this data, and more, via a series of easily-understood, interactive graphical reports with custom filters to enable users to choose which data they need. The backend technological issues, especially creating a bridge between the Symfony PHP framework used for the original app and React (a new JavaScript library) for the extension, were significant. In turn, this created the challenge to keep the UX smooth and intuitive, unaffected by what might be happening ‘behind the scenes’. Getting to grips with the new React library, we built a seamless user experience for the client, providing their users with exactly the information they needed, when they needed it.

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Angular, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3



Based in the United States, Oneida Ltd. is one of the world’s largest suppliers of stainless steel flatware, and offers a complete range of table top products. The challenge for Boldare was to create not only a website to display the client’s products but to make it a single page application, enabling users to browse every product in one place. The single page application was the ideal method of creating a virtual table top for users, enabling them to pick and choose the flatware and tableware and then see it in situ as a combined place setting. Naturally, with such a visual focus in the project brief, the design and UX were of paramount importance and moodboards and alternate color palettes were used to offer the client a variety of visual options. Using JavaScript, Angular and HTML 5, the resulting app not only worked flawlessly (offering 1792 different product combinations) but also provided an intuitive experience for users by using a familiar table top layout.

  • Virgin Radio Oman

  • Eres Yachting

  • Teal Workspace

  • A2I

  • Oneida

5 reasons why design matters at Boldare

Boldare uses a rigorous 5-step design process to ensure that every product, every time, is the best possible product for the client’s business and users. That process is based on the concept of design thinking, in particular the classic version from Stanford University’s, a process that enables us to take a client’s project from undefined broad product concept to tested prototype in very little time. During the design process, the client can clearly see rapid progress and the design team is motivated and tightly focused on delivering specific and agreed elements of the product.

Every $1 invested in UX equals $100 in revenue


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Our user-centered approach means understanding each product in depth before we begin, especially the target users of that product. Using product vision and product persona workshops, the Boldare team and the client explore the whys and wherefores of the product and agree on the characteristics of the ‘ideal’ user.



Now we know who the user is, we turn our attention to what they need and want, exploring any issues underpinning the proposed product to take our understanding deeper and further.



At this stage, we come up with options, using techniques like wireframing and moodboards to present our innovation to the client and enable them to make informed choices concerning the UX and overall design.



It’s time to build and the focus here is not on a finished product but a prototype that can be tested with a sample of users.



Following the testing, the user feedback is collated and analyzed with the results feeding into the next cycle of the design process, creating further improvements.

Good UX can increase the revenue by 400%


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The benefits of our design
process for you

Underpinning this proven 5-step approach to digital design is a focus on the most important people: your users. They are the unifying principle for any product that we design and that philosophy creates very practical benefits for you, the client.

Full control

Right from the start, you are involved in, and have final control over, the design process. The client’s Product Owner is a member of the project team, with full transparency and insight. You can adjust the direction of the project as and when the needs or aims change. The result of this flexibility is a better quality product.

Money and time savings

Projects evolve and products change. By producing prototypes and/or MVPs in rapid increments, we test versions of the product and change it in response to feedback. The process is quick, flexible, and results in a product well-aligned to both client and user requirements and needs. This continual honing of the product saves the need for costly and time-consuming changes or re-designs later on.

An easy-scaling product

Right from the start of your product design, we look at how to scale your product for maximum market fit and share. At Boldare, the process of making rapid changes in response to user feedback is built into your product’s DNA, resulting in better market performance and a longer product lifespan.

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