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Machine Learning

Startups, enterprise businesses and corporations around the world employ artificial intelligence (AI) to gain competitive edge, serve their customers better and support their decision-making processes.

Boldare’s AI team can help your company apply machine learning, deep neural networks and ready-made SaaS solutions to support your growth. Our team will carry out research and development, prepare your data, build the model, code it, implement the solution and integrate it with your existing software.


AI, machine learning and deep neural networks can help you with a number of problems

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science can help you solve a variety of business problems. Here are some examples of applications:


Predicting what will happen to your product

Analyze the customer churn or predict the market demand.

Clustering your customer data

Find patterns and segment your customers to allow better targeting.

Obtaining information from images

Detect faces, people, objects, and actions, or measure objects.

Detecting anomalies

Detect fraud, malfunctions or security incidents.


Detect natural phenomena from passive and active remote sensors.

Workforce automation

Employ smart chatbots to automate your sales processes and improve the customer experience.

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What we use

Our skilled AI engineers have competences in following areas:

Machine learning models

Machine learning models and algorithms can recognize patterns in big data sets, cluster information, and make predictions based on their findings.

Deep neural networks

Deep learning can be applied to a variety of problems such as computer vision and speech recognition.

Ready-made SaaS solutions

Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services offer off-the shelf models to deliver an initial solution as soon as possible so you can test your idea within a reasonable budget.

How we work

Our development teams will guide you through the entire process of building and applying machine learning models and deep neural networks:
    • We build solutions in 3 phases

      R&D and building the first solution, stabilization & feature engineering, production implementation and maintenance.
    • Evaluation of the performance after each phase

      Our team will firstly verify your idea so as not to waste your time and money.
    • Python implementation

      Our AI team is skilled in the Python language, the most commonly used for machine learning.
    • Cutting-edge infrastructure on demand

      We collaborate with Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine to offer you a stable infrastructure.
    • Scalable solution

      Our team creates a microservices infrastructure. The model is exposed via API and can be used from any platform.
    • Full integration with your existing software

      Boldare’s specialists, who programme in Python, PHP, Java, and JavaScript as well as mobile languages, are able to integrate the predictions from machine learning models with your current software.

    and courses

    Boldare’s AI developers continue to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge by attending conferences, taking part in competitions and hackathons, as well as attending numerous courses on machine learning, deep learning and data science:

    Practical Machine Learning by DataWorkshop


    Machine Learning by Stanford University


    Google Machine Learning Kickstarter


    Cloudera Data Analyst Training

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